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Nidhyana Jadeja Age, Date of Birth, Family background, Schooling, Birth place, Religion, Horoscope Mother tongue, 

Nidhyana Jadeja is the daughter of Ravindra Jadeja and politician Rivaba Jadeja. Nidhyana Jadeja is a young girl. Her full name is Kunwaribadhree Nidhyana Jadeja. Nickname is Nidhu. She is in primary school. She got Fame being the daughter of Ravindra Jadeja.


Nidhyana Jadeja was born on 8 June 2017 in Jamnagar, Gujarat India and she will be 7 years old in June 2024.

“Nidhyana Hindi word meaning intuition”.

Birth place, Nationality,Caste, Horoscope, Mother tongue 

Her birth place is in Jamnagar, Gujarat India. Residence is in Jamnagar, Gujarat India. Nationality is Indian and Religion is Hinduism. Caste is Rajput. Mother tongue is Gujarati. Zodiac is Gemini.

Ravinder Jadeja a famous cricketer is Nidhyana ‘s father and Rivaba Jadeja a politician is her mother. 

At the birth of Nidhyana Jadeja, Ravinder Jadeja wrote on Twitter, 

We have named our bundle of joy and little princess Nidhyana.


She is studying in primary school but school name is not known because of her security reasons.

 Charity on birthday 

On 8 June 2022, her parents celebrated her fifth birthday by opening the accounts of 101 girls under the Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana in the post office of Jamnagar and deposited 11 thousand rupees in each account.

Ravinder Jadeja quoted that, 

   “ Today on 8 6 2022 on the 5th birthday of my daughter Kunwaribadhree Nidhyana y, my wife smt. Rivaba Jadeja has made a noble effort to be helpful to society by opening 101 Sukanya Samridhi accounts at post office, Jamnagar with initial deposit of 11000 rupees per SSA account.

Jadeja couple is very happy to open Sukanya Samriddhi account today as part of a special celebration of our beloved daughter’s birthday with the noble dream and inspiration of Honorable prime Minister Shri Narendra modi ji who has completed eight years of his tenure. I would like to thank Shri Dev Singh ji Chauhan, honorable minister for communications (state level), department of post for providing support and encouragement to this new endeavor.

With the hope that I will continue to get support and cooperation in such Noble works of social service”.

Family background 

Ravinder Jadeja is an Indian international  cricketer who represents the Indian national cricket team in all formats. He is an all rounder. He is considered one of the best all rounders of his generation.

Rivaba Jadeja is an Indian politician and a wife of notable Indian cricketer Ravinder Jadeja. In November 2022, she hit the headlines, when she was granted a ticket from the Bharatiya Janta party to contest the Gujarat assembly elections from Jamnagar North constituency.

Ravindra Jadeja married Rivaba Jadeja, a mechanical engineer on 17 April 2016. Later on she joined politics and currently she is member of the Gujarat legislative assembly from jamnagar.


Nidhyana Jadeja is too young to get the fame she has now. Growing up in such a well known family of a cricketer and politician make the offspring highlight. Because both parents are iconic figures in India it is natural that people would be curious about their offspring. Nidhyana is also a girl who is in keen observation of the media and fans.


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