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Divya spandana age, Education, movies list and Tamil films, production and join congress

Divya Spandana’s screen name is Ramya. She is an Indian actress, producer and politician. She is known as a Kannada film industry actress and served as the member of parliament in the Lok Sabha from Mandya, Karnataka. She worked in kannada and Tamil language films. Ramya received two filmfare awards south and udaya award.

Ramya has played a part in blockbuster film katari Veera surasundarangi and commercial success film nagarahavu. She came back to the film industry in the production field by Swathi Mutthina Male Haniye in 2023 under Apple box studios banner.

Ramya made her debut in 2003 Kannada language film Abhi although she also worked in Tamil and Telugu films. She won best actress awards from the Udaya award and filmfare award for the films Amrithadhare and Tananam Tananam. Her performance as heroine in 2011 romantic drama Sanju Weds Geetha and after the success of this drama, she got Karnataka state film award for Best actress.


Ramya was born in Karnataka on 29 November 1982. Her mother Ranjitha was a senior member of Congress party in Karnataka.


Ramya studied at St Hilda’s school and at Sacred heart School Chennai Tamil Nadu.Ramya chose a career in modeling. After completing her graduation from St Joseph college of commerce. She joined a Mumbai based sheetal designer studio.

Movies list and Tamil films

She participated in ramp shows and wore a crown of Miss country club in 2001. During that time, she received film offers and she was casted opposite Puneth Rajkumar in Abhi. Ramya made her debut in 2003 Kannada language film Abhi. And from there she got the screen name Ramya.

She made her first appearance in the Tamil film industry with the name of Ramya in 2004, in the film Kaththu. The film ran successfully at the box office and did her next Tamil film Giri. She had major works office success with Kannada movie Aakash, Gowramma and Amrithadhare and established her name as leading actress in 2006. She appeared in the remake of the Hindi language film Julie but it was a big flop and did not attract the audience. She had performed in Datta and the Tananam Tananam released in 2006 and she gained her first filmfare award for Best actress in 2007. She worked in movies Arasu and Polladhavan.

In 2008 Kannada film Mussanje Maatu was a huge hit and gained a nomination for best actress award in 56th filmfare award south. Her film Gautam vasudev Menon’s vaaranam Aayiram won years best feature film in Tamil national award. Her film bhimoos bang bang kids and Jothegara were delayed due to the financial problems.

In 2010, just math mathalli and two more movies which were long delayed, Jothegara and Kicch a Huccha all released.

In 2012, sidlingu was a comedy drama. She portrayed the role of school teacher.


In 2013 Ramya announced that she was joining politics. After 7 years of long break, she returned to the film industry with her own production company Apple box studios. She produced the film Swathi Mutthina Male Haniye.

Join congress

In 2013 Ramya announced that she was joining politics. As a member of the youth wing of Indian national Congress, Ramya took part in politics. She won election and became a member of parliament for Mandya constituency Karnataka in 2013. In 2014 she won the general elections from Mandya.


Now she is pursuing her passion of politics and she is active member of Congress party. There are rumours that she is lefting the party of Congress and joining the bhartiya Janata party BJP.

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