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Alanna Panday Age, Parents, Sister,  career, Wedding, Husband, Pregnancy and Net Worth

Alanna pandey has carved out a stone position for herself on social media and is a well known internet activist. She discusses fashion and posts beautiful pictures of herself on social media. She has not Expressed an interest in acting yet she has a huge influence in modeling. She takes modeling as her passion.


Alanna Panday was born on 16 August 1995. Now, she is 28 years old. Her birth place is in Mumbai India. The Zodiac sign is Leo.

Parents & family detail 

Alanna Panday’s father is well known businessman chanki pandey and her mother is Deanna Panday, a fitness inspector, health expert and author. Alanna Panday has a younger brother named Ahaan Panday.  She is cousin of Ananya Pandey, well known actress and Rysa pandey. Suhana Khan, the daughter of superstar Shahrukh Khan, is her close friend. Chunky pandey, a film actor is her uncle.


Alanna Panday attended Oberoi International School in Mumbai India. After that, she graduated from the London college of fashion with a degree of fashion Management. She is a fashionista with a degree in fashion Management.


Recently Alanna Panday works as a model. She is determined to make her name as a top ranking model of the industry. She endorses a variety of brands and well known companies. Alanna Panday has a YouTube channel called Alanna & Ivor with over 150 subscribers which she runs with her husband. Alanna is also a popular social media influencer with 1 million Instagram followers. 

Alanna Panday will soon be seen in the series “The Tribes”.

Ex boyfriend 

 Yudi Jaising, the elder son of fashion designer Manisha Jaising was her ex boyfriend.


India social media sensation Alanna Panday wed her long term boyfriend Ivor McCray in an intimate ceremony in Mumbai in March 2023. They  have been together for several years and finally they have tied a knot.


Ivor is a creative director and photographer that mainly focuses on live concrete. He directs, designs and develops live visuals of different artists and festivals such as Coachella Fest and OVO Fest.


Alanna Panday and Ivor McCray lived in Los Angeles, United State after their marriage. On Wednesday March 21st 2024, Alanna and Ivor revealed on Instagram that they both are expecting a baby boy. In the clip, they posed by cradling her growing baby bump. Alanna also gave a glimpse of her sonogram. In the clip, Alanna wore a floral dress, while her husband Ivor was in a white shirt and trousers.

Alanna Panday wrote 

We love you so much already. we can’t wait to meet you.

Ivor McCray wrote

I can’t wait to meet our baby, I love you.

Recently Alanna and Ivor, both were on a babymoon in positano Italy. Soon to be parents, they have been sharing regular updates from their Italian getaway.

Net worth 

Estimated net worth of Alanna Panday  is INR 1 to 2 crore. Despite the fact, she belongs to a wealthy family. She works hard and lives a lavish lifestyle. She is well known model and internet personality.


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