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who is MC Stan And what is His Real Name And Age? Get All Details In This Article

MC Stan, born Altaf Tadavi on August 30, 1999, in the age of 24 years he became the youngest Indian hip-hop Star. He’s known for his unique rapping style, raw lyricism, and production skills. Here’s a breakdown of his impressive biography:

Early Life and Musical Beginnings:

Hailing from Pune, Maharashtra, MC Stan’s musical journey started to qawwali music at home, his interest in hip-hop blossomed around the age of twelve, thanks to his brother’s influence. He even wrote his first song, “Bhalti Public,” in Grade 7! Inspired by legendary rappers like Rakim, Eminem, and Lil Wayne, Stan gradually transitioned from listening to creating. He started by sharing his raps on WhatsApp, showcasing his talent and building a loyal fan base.

From Underground Star to Mainstream Recognition:

MC Stan’s rise to fame can be attributed to two major factors: his captivating music and the power of the internet. His singles, like “Wata” (2018) and “Khuja Mat” (2018), gained immense popularity on social media, particularly resonating with the underground hip-hop community. His signature style – characterized by sharp wordplay, a distinct flow, and an unapologetic approach – made him a standout. He also gained recognition as a “beatmaker,” producing his own music, making him a rare talent who excels in both rapping and music production.

A Landmark Achievement and Stepping into the Spotlight:

In 2022, MC Stan made history by becoming the first Indian rapper to be featured on the reality show Bigg Boss (Season 16). His participation not only brought him to the forefront of mainstream attention but also garnered him a wider fan base. Interestingly, he emerged victorious, winning the competition in a dramatic finale.

Beyond Bigg Boss: Continued Musical Success:

Despite the massive exposure from Bigg Boss, MC Stan hasn’t strayed from his musical roots. In 2023, he marked his Bollywood debut with the hit song “Farrey Title Track” from the movie “Farrey,” showcasing his versatility and ability to blend into the commercial music scene while retaining his signature style.

Legacy and Impact:

MC Stan is a pioneer of sorts, credited with revolutionizing Marathi hip-hop. His raw energy, powerful lyrics, and ability to connect with the youth have made him a significant figure in the Indian hip-hop landscape. He continues to inspire aspiring rappers and redefine the boundaries of the genre in India.


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